Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rites of girlhood

earrings and nail polish
2 for $6 and 5 for $10
it's all for us
and the shoplifting 16-year-olds
who belong here

Katie takes an aisle like a pew
familiar in these temples of girlish rite
while I thumb awkwardly through necklaces
like pages of scripture from a foreign faith

what was I doing while every other girl
was learning to apply eyeliner?
probably still watching cartoons, picking up frogs,
still trying to flirt with boys
by taking their things and hiding them
I can only hold my eye obediently open for liner
when I'm drunk
so instead I scribble witty dialogue
in the corners of my eyes

and buy cheap nail polish
that dries to a warty finish
at the tip of my fingers
        a bright blue swamp
        a canvas full of crayon

Photo by James Lee

        How much do you fit into gender stereotypes? Are you a girly girl or a tomboy? Are you a macho man or Mr. Sensitive? Or are you pretty androgynous?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

You know, I think you and I used to be pretty androgynous (and we still are), but since we moved in to our own place, we seem to be shifting towards the gender stereotypes a little more...

claudia said...

I'm pretty domestic. I like being in the kitchen and cooking and I do enjoy cleaning up around the house. I like doing laundry. At the same time I love sports, camping and being outdoors. I don't know - I like everything that I've tried.

Mary said...

I'm such a tomboy... I mean, yes I finally pierced my ears a few years ago, and I do enjoy painting my nails... but I'm the type who can't keep from picking off the polish, hence I only paint my nails for special occasions because it's just too annoying otherwise. By the way, I bought Ardene polish for the first time... boy does it suck! I now understand why I splurge at Shoppers for a better brand...

While I have an appreciation for cute shoes and pretty outfits I just can't do it myself. I always always choose comfort over fashion haha.

I enjoy sports, beer, don't mind getting my hands dirty... my best friend growing up was a gross little boy. My current best friend is also a raging tomboy.

I like trying to fix things myself, because my dad would always try and show me when he fixed something.

The funny thing is, Johnny is more on the domestic side. He enjoys cooking and he's pretty darn good at it. He can't stand a cluttered house, so he'll always be cleaning and putting stuff away. He loves hosting parties. While he's very useful when there's something heavy that needs to be lifted, he sucks in the handyman department. I think we're a good fit because each of us picks up one of the gender roles the other one lacks. :)

Adelaide said...

@Mary: OMG, the shitty nail polish in this poem was from Ardene too!! You think you're getting a deal because it's $2, but then it turns out to be complete crap and you realized that that $2 was just thrown down the can. You wish you'd bought gum instead.

Kristen Einarson said...

I'm really not sure how stereotypical I am. I refuse to wear skirts or dresses unless on stage and steal clothes from the guys in my band, but ALSO I love musical theatre enough to do it for a living, and cry at almost every movie I see. I wear eyeliner, and mascara and nailpolish but thats it.
But also when I'm in a production, I love wearing sparkles and stage makeup and sequins and heels. So I think stereotypes are just that- stereotypes. Everyone has something they like that doesn't really fit with what women and men are supposed to be like according to the media or the 1950's.
I say do what you want.

shannon teresa said...

warty nail poish. aha! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about :)

Bluedim2 said...

I love your poetry!!! Please post more soon!!