Monday, July 26, 2010

a quiet weekend

soothing as a hot bath
mundane as folded laundry
calm as sunbeams on a cool bedsheet

productive, in a strange way
doing things you don't write on to-do lists
relationships are like garments
we need to wash, care for, be always waiting
with a threaded needle in hand
mindful of tiny tears that become        holes

sink scrubbed, cat cuddled
thoughts ordered and filed
body plugged into bed to charge
with my cell phone
and all my aching worries
filled in like cavities

on the Monday morning train
my mind is a pool so still
I can watch the fish below

Photo by Hardyplants

        What kind of weekend did you have? Was it the kind of weekend your wanted/needed?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

It's good to have a quiet, productive weekend. Especially on the eve of an insane, circus weekend. Ha, you see what I did there... :)

Wild Girl said...

I had a nice weekend, nice and relaxing. :) I probably could've done something more productive than sit around though, but I guess sometimes it's nice to have a lazy weekend. And I love the poem. :)