Wednesday, July 21, 2010

knitting club

I chose my pattern quickly and wisely
my needle knitted two purled two while others
were still chewing lips      choosing colours
that's often how it is for me
learning that feels like remembering
smugness      my poisonous old friend

needles clicking in chants      meditative fingers
counting purls like rosary beads
comparison      a temptation

the fool who chose a pattern
complex and delicate as a spider web
dropped too many sticky stitches
her sweater like a beaten face
her fingers like wild dogs      learning
to pull a sled in team

the fool who laughed in the face of instruction
set to work like a chef sniffing steam
adding a pinch of this      dash of that
made a long scarf that begins in a muddled mess
and ends in a feast of inspiration

I have fewer dropped stitches
and fewer colours

Photo by Pål Berge

      Can you think of a time you felt sure you knew the "right" or "best" way to do something, only to wonder at the end if maybe you had it all wrong? Alternatively, can you think of a time you did something the "wrong" way and were glad of it in the end because of the experience or unexpected outcome?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Of course not! I'm always right! :)

Oh, except for that one time when I first started working and I came up with this "brilliant" idea to model a ridiculous parameter system for gift card orders after our existing merchant parameter system so we wouldn't have to add new fields to the order tables. But instead of using separate tables to store the settings for the three different order tables, I put them all in one table using a reference "type" approach. And as such, there was no referential integrity at all. And it was confusing as hell. And we ended up scrapping the whole thing soon after and just actually, you know, adding columns to the order tables when we needed to.

But except for that one time, I'm always right! :)

Katie said...

WOW. I just read Andrew's nerdtastic story. That was amazing.

It often happened to me that the way I originally planned to do something is not the way it came out. Often it came out worse then intended, but some times better.

I've definitely had moments though where I wondered why I chose to the obviously stupid choice and then followed through with it. It never ends up well.