Sunday, July 4, 2010

Farewell to Adelaide West

Hanging up the phone with a sigh,
she says: “It's terrible how I've stopped caring
now that I know I'm leaving.”
I can tell by her voice, like a singer
wavering breathlessly at the end of a long note,
by the layers of scars
on her tongue.

I thought I felt the same way, ready
to shed this job like a winter coat
when the first bud opened

and yet I find myself
marking all the pathways I've learned
so newcomers can navigate the modes,
clearing little spaces here in this cluttered soil
so the new roots will grow deep.

The timing is right;
this job was a rose I cut
before the petal's edges had time
to brown.

After almost two years, I'm finally leaving Adelaide West. No more reception work for me – as of tomorrow I'm starting a new job using many of the skills I enjoy and actually went (and am still going) to school to learn.

This blog was born out of a deep personal need to do something creative and constructive for every workday that felt otherwise unfulfilling. With the artistic work involved in my new job (and, I assume, less time to burn during the workday), I wonder if I'll have the same desire and creative energy to write daily poems. On the other hand, writing poetry has become a kind of ritual and lifestyle for me, and perhaps a change of scenery will provide greater inspiration.

I will try to maintain my personal commitment to writing daily poems here. Although I'm no longer literally a poet on Adelaide West, I think I'll always keep the name as a reminder of how even the grey cement of a dreary office building can be tilled into fertile creative ground with a little effort.

Photo by A. Barra under a Creative Commons license

        How important is self-expression to you? What is your primary method of self-expression (writing, blogging, participating in forums, talking to people, etc.)?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Yay for new job! I'm expecting you'll be more creatively driven with your work now, which probably means less driven on the poetry front. If you want to keep up with the poem-a-day thing, you may have to write more at home. That's not necessarily a bad thing. :)

Andrea said...

NEW JOB?! Congrats my love! Where are you now/what are you doing specifically? Emails!

dogimo said...

Good job moving on. I hope you will indeed find the new job to be a source of inspiration! I'd love for you to keep writing (and posting) your poems!

Ah, the question. I should answer the question more often, the relevant question for the readers is a great idea! In reverse order, then:


And: very important.

Wild Girl said...

Well congrats on moving on to bigger and better things. :)
I hope that the new job allows you to more freely express your creativity.

Mary said...

I'm very proud of you!! Yay for work that's actually fun :) And yeah you might have less time for poems but try to keep it up. You'll be letting a lot of readers down.

As for the whole self expression thing, I have no idea... I love singing and playing music but I never have the urge to write my own. I probably would make some wicked solos if I knew guitar better... but we'll see if that happens. Anyway I think it's just through interaction with others. I will also comment on articles, etc. if I have an opinion on the subject, but in my experience a lot of forums are full of idiots who just want to start a fight and call each other names.

Katie said...

I'm so excited for the new job for you. It's an awesome environment for you and it rocks that you're actually doing work that you really enjoy.

I hope you keep writing poems for those of us who are still trapped in those dull jobs! I look forward to reading your poems and it would suck if they were no longer available to me on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

No new poetry????