Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woman: to Man

It must be difficult to relate to someone always swept up
in an ocean of feelings – vast and deep and fluid –
when yours tend only to rotate between happy, annoyed
and drunk (another form of happiness).

The text of Woman is crowded with schizophrenic roles:
Woman as wide-hipped mother, lulling her child to sleep.
Woman as wide-eyed child, reaching for fire.
Woman swaying like a wildflower or growling like a beast.
Woman twisting the doorknob to Sin to see if it’s locked.

These roles are makeup I put on and wash off,
dresses I purchase and outgrow;
some are heavy and some are glamorous
and some have scratchy crinoline underlays
but it’s easier to contemplate my sexuality with layers
like armor against the audience of a full-length mirror
than bent over journal pages of skin with a hand mirror.

Every word and tear and motion is a costume change
and you never know which character you’re taking to bed,
but it doesn’t matter, if you like the actress.

This is not my philosophy of female sexuality; it's just something I've been thinking about.

Painting by Till Niermann

        What "roles" do you feel you take on sometimes? This isn't necessarily a gender-related question.

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

That's an interesting way of thinking about it... I try not to take on many roles, but we inevitably do. Right now, I'm Andrew the Professional, except without 12 year olds falling in love with me. And the whole murdering people thing. :) Later on tonight, I'll be Andrew the Helpful Husband. Also Andrew the Video Game Nerd on occasion. I like to think these are all just facets of plain old Andrew. :)