Friday, June 11, 2010

Squinting through a kaleidoscope

We all long to be known, especially by ourselves,
so we send out sound waves from our mouths
and measure the intervals of their echoes
off the ears of our friends; we call in
loved ones like criminals for questioning
and jot notes in our diaries, hoping
they will sketch a portrait.

What we end up with is a Picasso painting,
a subject depicted from all angles and contexts.
What we end up with is a murky black, the colour of
too many shades of paint mixed together.

Photo by H. Pellikka

        I've always been fascinated by how I act the same when I'm with different groups of friends, and yet my "role" changes within the context of each group. Depending on who I'm with, I'm smart or dull, outgoing or quiet, ambitious or lazy -- without ever acting any differently than I normally act. To what degree to you find your are perceived differently within different groups (including family)?

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

I change mostly depending on where I actually am; i.e. at work vs. at home pretty much. I think I serve a similar role in the groups of people I hang out with, that of the awesomely funny nerd. :) Or maybe I'm delusional. No, no I'm pretty sure I'm awesome...