Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring cleaning

        Full lyrics to several Spice Girls' songs
        Box of old knock-knock jokes
        Encyclopedia of Stephen King plots (good condition)
        Call and response format for Catholic mass
        Recording of Gone with the Wind
        Beatles trivial pursuit (give back to Andrew?)

        Education in Journalism (gently used)
        Education in Political Science (still in package)
        Education in Web Design (incomplete)

        Paranoia of food poisoning after eating fish
        Grudges against people who were mean to me 10+ years ago

        Finger memory for various piano songs
        Ability to list all countries
        Basic math skills

        Compiled family history and stories
        Images and recordings of deceased loved ones
        Lyrics to various Raffi songs (save for children)
        Names of husband's extended family (store with travel bags)
        Memory log of big mistakes (label well)

        Memory log of happy moments (reframe, hang in foyer)
        Pocket reference of friends' life-happenings
        Sense of humour (buy travel-sized tube for purse)
        Self-confidence pills (take only one per day)
        Prank opportunity radar

Photo by Natasha C. Dunn

        If you were "spring cleaning" your mind or life, what would you throw out? What would you keep?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hahahaha, this is awesome! :) I'd keep all my computer knowledge, and probably throw away some of my calculus. I didn't end up needing it, especially when I think about wave equations...*shudder*

Claudia said...

I'm a pack rat so this is a difficult question. Though I've done remarkably well cleaning house lately and giving things away.

I don't know the answer to this immediately. Something to think about.

joven said...

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