Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear skin, red and itchy

Are you playing a terrorist’s game, strapping
bombs to your back, blowing yourself away
in a cloud of smoke like a speech bubble?

Are you dragging yourself home from work, screaming
at your wife over piggy bank pennies, eyes dark-circled
and temples pounding with coworker idiocy?

Are you acting up in class, throwing tantrums
like a dirty-clothed kid with a stomach full of sugar,
taking slaps on the wrist like makeshift hugs?

Are you plagued by some inexpressible strain,
a baby lying frustrated in her crib, endlessly crying,
while her parents scramble to puzzle it out?

Photo by Sarah Klockars-Clauser

        People talk about "communicating" or "being in touch" with their bodies; how has your body been "speaking" to you lately, and what do you think it's been "saying"?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I think my body is saying "Hey you could stand to exercise a bit, but I'm pretty good overall." My colon is saying "Yipee! I'm a happy camper!" :)

Katie said...

I know it's not really the sort of thing I should post on the internet with my name attached probably, but my period is so good to me. I know when I'm going to get it at least an hour before I do get it. And almost every time I start when I'm on the can taking a pee. Ususally in the morning, 4 days after I stop birth control.

Is that just way too much information? Whatever DEAL WITH IT.

I like the imagery in this poem.

Adelaide said...

@Katie: That's not too much info, considering I wrote a poem about my eczema.

Mary said...

If I haven't worked out in awhile because I've been sick or something, I'll be very sore for a few days. I feel like my body is saying "I appreciate you trying to better me, but you shouldn't have taken that break from exercising. Now I'm going to make you pay with intense muscle soreness!". But it's always a bitter sweet pain because at least you know your workout actually did something :) It still hurts like a bitch though.