Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Therefore I am

Back in January of ‘06, stumbling blindly
through my worst blizzard of anxiety on record,
I took shelter in self-help books, library checkouts
lying open, face down on my nightstand:
a paperback tent city.

The books called to me from sidewalk corners,
some peddlers, some preachers, some teachers.
One said, Your are not your mind. You
are not all these frantic, rambling voices.
You are not neutral networks, not a database
of stored memories & information.
You are not your mind.

That one didn’t jive, so I tossed it
back in the river like a bad catch.
Because I am my mind.

I am party streamers of DNA sequences
strung by generations of humping relatives.
I am hormones & fragmented song lyrics.
I am my chronically overactive imagination,
my obsessive analyzing, my swollen ego,
my good memory & bad sense of direction,
my annoying habitual response to criticism
        (“You know, flip-flops aren’t really in season yet.”
        “YOU’RE not in season yet.”)

I am a huge, disjointed novel compiled
of one page from every book I ever read.

Photo by Gaetan Lee

        Do you believe we are our minds? If not, then what?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Gah, this one makes my brain hurt. I don't think about these things because they break my head computer. :P You are what you eat! No, that's not it.

What is mind? No matter! What is matter? Never mind! No, still no good.

How about a bundle of electrical impulses flowing through a sack of meat and bones? Well that's just as dry as Ann Coulter's vagina. *badum tish*

Adelaide said...

"head computer" --> Freudian slip? I think you may have just answered the question.

Mary said...

I guess we're our mind... I mean we make choices based on experiences and ideas that stem from our minds. We are the decisions that we make, it's what makes us all unique individuals. And our minds make our decisions. But don't forget, there's a whole whack of flesh and bone that has to accompany it ;)

Katie said...

What else could we be? How many people tell you that if they end up in a vegtable state then just pull the plug; save the energy. Those people obviously believe they're their mind, and there is a lot of those people.

I like this poem. It made me think about how much I like my mind.