Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shayla.css (my 400th post!)

.ego {
        padding: 100px;
        zoom: 200%;
        text-decoration: blink;

.family {
        font-family: inherit;
        position: absolute;
        overflow: visible;

#andrew {
        position: absolute;
        background-color: red;
        speech-rate: faster;
        font-size: large;
        text-overflow: ellipsis;

.career { cursor: wait; }

#job {
        background-color: grey;
        position: relative;
        width: 830am;
        height: 5pm;
        overflow: hidden;
        border: thick solid black;

.friends {
        cue: url(laugh.wav);
        volume: 100%;
        overflow: auto;

This is my 400th post!! Sorry to the [majority of my] readers who don't know how to read CSS, but to my two most loyal readers who do know how:

#inside_joke { font family: comic sans }

Remember when websites used to look like this?

        I've been using CSS since high school, but until my night school teacher explained it yesterday, I never fully understood what I was doing with it (I'd just change something and think, "Oh, I guess that's what that does!"). Is there something you like to dabble in (ie. music, cooking) even though much of the time you're not really sure what you're doing?

        Hmm... This is a strange thing to admit on my 400th post, but I think poetry might be one of mine.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Bwahahaha, epic awesome. :) What a clever idea. I love it. To answer your question, music is probably one of mine, when I rarely do dabble in it. Perhaps I should dabble more with that one. I'm also wandering a tad aimlessly into the world of graphics and game programming. :)

Andrea said...

Happy 400th, darling! I have no idea what CSS is (I assume something along the lines of HTML?)...remember the days of scribble? When you helped me create the background for a certain someone (whom we shall not name) hahaha. Oh high school!

Mary said...

Hahaha this is such a nerdy poem, but I give you 1000 points for originality! Ummm I'm going to have to go with music for this, hands down. In my life I've played piano, guitar and drums (and flute in school but that doesn't count). Anyway, I never really understood music theory very well. For piano, I would just play the music over and over until it was memorized but I never fully understood what my fingers were doing. Guitar I taught myself on the internet with tabs and chords, and again never full understood it, it was simply full memorization. Drums I would throw on some headphones and bang away to the tunes, doing my best to mimic what I heard. It'd be awesome to actually learn these things more in depth so I could just pick up a guitar and play solos or make up my own songs... And I know it's not even that hard to do, I'm just so lazy. Sometimes I wish you could plug yourself in like the Matrix and have program yourself with knowledge and skills, haha.

dogimo said...

Wonderful! I love this poem.

Congratulations on 400!!

I love this poem.

Katie said...

Congrats sister - 400th poem! Unfortunately I don't get it on the same level that Andrew and Mary get it, I still caught onto the little things. Friends = loud. :)

For sure my dabbling favorite is painting. I have fallen in and out of it much too often, but never taken it seriously. I don't really mind. If there's anything that worries me is how long it's been since I've last dabbled.