Monday, May 3, 2010

A rare and wakeful morning

I slept in a blink
and woke in a blink
like an hourglass flip,
like returning to the moment
from a daydream
when you call my name.

The dawn sky
made up its face
like a shady afternoon;
when it leaned to kiss
my eyelids, I could smell
its perfume: fresh
as a breeze
along the lake shore,
sweet as sun
on the boardwalk.

Photo by James Thornett

        Are you a night person or a morning person? I have a theory that people become night or day people partially in response to the routines of people around them. For example, if you really like being around people, you might stay up later because your friends tend to stay up later. Or maybe you crave some alone time and stay up late to get it while everyone else is asleep. What do you think?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

It seems like it's more related to your daily routine to me. You've definitely become a little more of a morning person since working full-time. :)

Mary said...

My alarm goes off at 5:25am every week day. I HATE HATE HATE the morning with a passion. The only reason I go to work so early is so I'm not stuck in stupid traffic, and one of the benefits to going so super early is getting off super early. I love the night, and I believe I'm definitely a night person, but on weekdays I realize why I need to get to bed on time ;)