Monday, May 10, 2010

Old movies

You love like a black-and-white classic, and I
like a thorny sixties flick: the last scene, one subtle
gesture or a flicker of a deeper emotion across
the protagonist’s face after the victory sunset
leaves the audience wondering, yearning
for some spelled out resolution, bullet point
meaning scratched on a chalkboard.

I will never be able to explain
and you will never have to.

The Graduate, 1967

        How much explaining do you think a film should do? Some films dumb things down so much it's insulting to the audience, while some make things so cryptic they go over everyone's head. What's the right balance?

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

Obviously the right balance is somewhere between patronizing and cryptic. :) It varies depending on the audience. In general, dumbing things down makes it more accessible because, well...people are dumb. :P