Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Johnny G’s, 4 p.m. on Victoria Day

Over the doors, an elaborate stained-glass window
and behind the glass: pots of plastic flowers
shawled in delicate cobwebs. This is
the essence of Cabbagetown.

The place is cramped with too many small wooden tables,
but quiet now, only old men nursing coffees and folded
newspapers, a few bedheaded twenty-somethings.
I squint at the daily specials: a neon rainbow
printed so tightly on the black marker board
even my glasses can’t loosen them.

The walls are rolled back, paint-chipped windowed doors
folded up like sweaty five-dollar bills in a change purse.
The waitress brings me a scoop of vanilla ice cream,
a glass of water with three crackling ice cubes,
$2.23 for immunity against the hot breath
that pants in from Parliament Street.

Taped to the window, a laminated menu glows
like a yellow leaf.

Johnny G's @ 478 Parliament Street

        What kind of atmosphere do you like in a restaurant or bar (trendy, casual, homey, quirky, etc.)? What are your haunts around your city?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I like homey and distinctly not trendy. :P Everything is just easier going. It also tends to be less busy. :)

Alexis said...

Depends on what type of mood I'm in; I like trendy places for a super social function, where there are more than 10 people you know. I usually like small quirky bars, preferrably with a patio if i'm just hanging with pals. Around the city my haunts would be Rancho Relaxo, Free Times Cafe, The Pump, Sneeky Dee's and 3 Brewers would be my new one.

Gerry Boyd said...

love that last line!

Katie said...

I'm very up in the air with this stuff. As much as I'd like to say I go to a lot of trendy places, after reviewing it, it seems that I mainly go to homey or ghetto places. I love them! Markham Station, Bar10der, Rosemary and Thyme. Homey and ghetto.

Except the Three Brewers. I've been there a handful of times and that one is neither homey or ghetto. It's like trendy and chill.

Mary said...

I've always dreamed about being able to create my own bar, influenced by the best parts of the bars I love. I like pubs the best because I like to sit and chill with my friends. I hate anywhere with a line or with limited seating. A nice large patio is always nice in the summer. O'Grady's on Church has a pretty sweet patio. I always go there with Allan and I rather enjoy it. And yeah when I worked downtown our favourite place was the 3 Brewers because it's really big and you can't beat the location. I've been to Sneaky Dee's once and it's pretty cool and very cheap. So yes, in a nutshell I like pubs. No dress code, plenty of fried food and delicious cold draft beer = awesome times with friends.

Katie said...

I don't get what Johnny's G has to do with this poem. But it's still a very lovely poem.

Katie said...

I still don't get what Johnny's G has to do with this poem. Although it is still a very lovely poem.