Friday, May 28, 2010

Feast or famine

Spring is a rush-hour subway train
and I’m standing in it like a perched hawk hunting
for an empty seat            for a square foot of personal space
or half an hour of perfect solitude.

Reminds me of nature documentaries: of eight-foot tall grass
of monkeys splashing playfully in a spring flood
of elephants drinking and feasting            filling
the emptiness of the winter drought
in their wrinkled grey bellies.

I’m filling up too, on shared pitchers of beer
on conversation            on scribbles in calendar squares
and I too am revisiting            redefining winter.
Bloated, I’m idealizing hibernation
and forgetting the echo
of its emptiness.

Photo by Hanay

        Would you rather spend the next six months in complete solitude or surrounded by other people (it can be people you like) to the point where the only time you spent alone was bathroom breaks?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Complete solitude. I think I would kill someone if I was surrounded my people constantly, even people I like.

Kristen Einarson said...

I honestly think surrounded by people, because I just like to talk too much and I spent way too much time alone when I was a kid. If I got tired of the people, I would spend a really long time in the bathroom, to the point of people knocking on the door and asking if I'm okay. I don't know... complete solitude would be cool too, as long as I could call people. I write too much, and I apologize.

Mary said...

Well both of these situations would drive me bonkers, so I don't know. I mean there are times when being alone is totally awesome.. you can do all the crazy things you only do when you're alone. But 6 straight months of it? I'd go nuts. On the other hand, I love my friends and being around them, but too much of that drives me nuts too and I crave alone time. I'd have to side with the being surrounded by people in the end though, because at least you can all agree to have "Quiet Time" and "Nap Time" so that it feels like you're alone sometimes.

katie said...

To be honest, I'm hardly ever alone as it is. I spend so much of my time socalizing that I forget how much I enjoy being alone. When I do get those rare evenings to myself I love them! But I'd still say that I would choose too many people then none at all. The feeling of loneliness is much worse to me then being overwhelmed by people.