Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eaton Centre food court, 6 p.m.

Half empty. Only territorial teenagers,
student nomads carrying laptops on their backs
like turtle shells, and lonely people
shopping for company.

An old man sleeps: head down,
the white of his hair snowing
on a table grey and greasy as
restaurant back stairs.
He might be homeless,
or just tired and waiting
like the rest of us.

Photo by Liliana Amundaraín

        How do locations affect your mood? Are there places you visit just because they make you feel happy? Are there places you avoid just because they depress you?


Dorkmaster Flek said...
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Dorkmaster Flek said...

Bah, I wanted to "edit" my comment by deleting it and adding it again, but apparently I can't do either inconspicuously. :P I avoid shopping malls in general, but during the holidays I avoid them like the plague. Long weekends are bad too. I like empty subway cars best, if I'm going somewhere. That's why I take a slightly more out of the way route home and head straight for the back of the train at Spadina station.

Mary said...

Haha next Monday I'll come down for dinner with you again.

There are definitely certain situations/atmospheres where I get super grumpy.. and it's funny because I start out super happy, and then it's on a slow downward slope. It basically happens when I'm sober in a sea of sweaty, jumping drunk people at a concert. Usually it's someone I really wanted to see too, but everyone's elbowing me, drenching me with sweat or stomping on my toes and it really makes me want to start punching people in their backs. Hahaha. When I get like that there's nothing anyone can say or do to get me out of my grumpy mode until I'm out of the fucking concert.

Atmospheres that make me feel awesome I think is anywhere near water. Seriously it's so calming it's crazy. I'm not even talking about beaches, lakes, ponds, and pools... even watching fish swim around in a tank (as long as it's large enough for them and not depressing) makes me so zen.