Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dream analysis

Katie dreams of zombie attacks, while I
dream of not being able to fall asleep, of waking
up in the morning and not getting ready fast enough.

Katie dreams of hamster-crabs, unnatural
spawn born of her caged pets, while I dream of
scooping crabs out of crevices in my upper thigh.

The tiny psychoanalyst on my shoulder
strokes the whiskers of his roundish beard.
Mmm, yes, das veery eenteresting.

Photo from Toronto Zombie Walk 2007 by Sam Javanrouh

        Do you believe in dream analysis?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Short answer, not really. I think you dream about whatever you happened to be thinking about when you fell asleep. It's obviously influenced by what you've been thinking about predominantly lately, but I don't think it says you have mommy issues or anything. :P

Jasmine. said...

you write very well - i love reading your art of words.

Katie said...

I totally think that the dreams you have are telling you something. Not always something important or even relevent, but something.

Example: Since I've been working I've had dreams about filing, faxing and phones ringing. The most exciting dream I've had is when I though I was getting ready for work in the morning and then noticed I was wearing jeans and a tshirt and was already 10 minutes late to catch my bus.

Well actually, I'm still having zombie dreams. :P

Mary said...

I'm not sure about this one... I mean, I don't believe those "dream analysis" books where it tells you dreaming of snakes means you're thinking about sex. Or dreaming about birds mean you're depressed, etc. I think that's completely bogus. Dreams are pretty effed up and that has a lot to do with our wild imaginations. I do think your feelings, emotions and stresses influence dreams a lot. I went through a period of a week where I kept dreaming of forgetting to do something, or not being able to find someone, etc. Although I wasn't really stressed at the time, I figure it had something to do with stress because they were all kind of related to being worried about something.