Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At St. Clair's

the cookies n’ cream
tastes like real cookies and
the strawberry cheesecake
tastes like real cheesecake and
sweaty children push through
the heavy glass doors with the force
of over thirty magnetic flavours
pulling at iron tongues.

Fifteen minutes before closing,
there are two fire trucks parked
at the corner, and inside the parlour
the fire men line the counter
like a row of shiny medals.
The server says It’s on the house
so the men feed their change to the tip jar
and call hearty thank-yous on their way out.
The fire men stand on the corner, holding their
sugar cones with muscled forearms,
and we smile sweetly at them

wishing life were always
as pleasant and simple as
firemen and ice cream.

I believe the official name of the parlour is Maple Leaf Dairy, but it's "St. Clair's" to most people. It's on the Danforth, two streets east of Dawes on the south side, and I highly recommend it.

        I was discussing yesterday how girls almost unanimously love firemen, but don’t always agree on their attraction to other members of the public protection service like police officers. Why do you think that might be? I hint at my own theory in the last lines of the poem.


Dorkmaster Flek said...

ZOMG ICE CREAM! :) That place is seriously awesome. And it's not just girls; everybody likes firefighters. It's easy to see why; they save lives, and that's it. Police officers save lives too, but more often than not, they give you speeding/parking/whatever tickets. It's hard not to resent them at least a little bit. All firefighters do is go into burning buildings and save lives. Simple indeed. :)

Katie said...

I love firefighters. They're so heroic. Cops can be corrupt or arrogant but not firemen. I think that's why we love them. They're just big strong heroes.

PS. I could totally go for some cookie dough ice cream right about now.

Joanne Cucinello said...

I just love this poem. Might I add that:
Firemen do not judge . . . they run,
and search and risk and save . . . no matter the condition, no matter the danger.. God's Angels with hoses and hatchets and smoke streaked faces,boots and ladders. . . and beneath their rubber coats, white wings unfold.

Mary said...

Mmmm yeah I want to try that place out next time I'm over. I'm not sure if it's like "Marble Slab" at all where there are about 20 or 30 different base flavours of icecreams, then you choose your toppings out of like 100 crazy different things, and they mix it all together right in front of you on a marble slab.... but it sounds delicious.

In terms of fire fighters vs. the po po... I mean come on: Firemen can't arrest you or give you a ticket. Nuff said.