Thursday, May 27, 2010


Every lazy-ass fibre of my being rebels
against writing a poem today, so
here is an anti-poem.

Here are clichés, roses red and violets blue.
Here is my love, a blue river rushing
into a sea of overused metaphors.
Here is blatant prose chopped up
into stanzas: an undercover essay.
Here are all the ingredients in the recipe
for bad-poem soup.

Here’s a trite little ditty about Jesus
we can stamp onto tacky, plastic wall-hangings
and sell with all the other mass-produced
trinkets some people call art.

Lucy in the Field with Flowers
from the Museum of Bad Art

        Do you believe there's such a thing as bad art? What distinguishes it from good art?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Good and bad art is largely in the eye of the beholder. The more interesting question is whether it's art at all in the first place.

Mary said...

Art is subjective... A person can look at something and absolutely love it, while another will hate the very same thing. Is it good or bad? It's all personal opinion. However I really really hate pretentious art where it's like a giant green canvas with a red dot in the middle or something, and someone's like "Oh yes, it really conveys how alone we are in the world, blah blah"... that shit is "bad" art to me.

shannon teresa said...

Yeah I think when you think "I would like for people to feel _____ when they view my work" and THEN you decide what you should create based on that conclusion, your shit is bound to be corny

Anonymous said...

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