Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Someday I will look back
and wonder, “When did these dark circles
under my eyes become permanent?”
and the answer will be
“At twenty-four.”

Dr. Google informs me
the circles are a result of aging,
not enough sleep, too much alcohol,
stress, sun exposure, painkillers, allergies,
heredity, bad circulation, leaky capillaries,
various bodily deficiencies, clogged chakras.
He writes me a prescription for topical
hotdog condiments.

Girl, your looks are going downhill;
better get to work on that
winning personality.

No, I'm not having body image issues, I'm just tired and prone to cynical humour today; we all know I'm far too conceited to ever really feel ugly.

        I too am one of those people who consults Dr. Google for everything, and thus perpetually thinks she has some form of serious illness. Anyone else suffer from Chronic Internet Diagnosis Obsessive Syndrome?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

No, but I have to live with the effects of it. Namely, having to constantly reassure you that you are not, in fact, dying. ;)

Mary said...

Hahaha yeah I do tend to look up symptoms on the internet, but I've learned to take everything with a grain of salt. I tend not to panic about it... because I have let myself freak out about it in the past. Don't freak out about things until a doctor tells you to, that's my motto. ;)

And yeah... dark circles under the eyes SUCK. I don't even get carded at the liquor store anymore :(

Katie said...

I know Shayla, you get yourself all worked up and for what? But on the up side, I no longer have to consult Dr. Google anymore for any recent illnesses because I have Dr. Shayla.

Claudia said...


You are a bigger hypochondriac than I am. And that's saying something considering I've freaked out about having cancer and coronary disease a million times a month.


Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

I love it (though I am far too conceited to relate)... lol no yeah those dark circles start off with, I guess I didn't remove my makeup well... to: I guess I should never remove my mmakeup.