Wednesday, April 28, 2010

People watching on the Bloor line

A sweet-faced Asian girl closes her mascaraed eyes and sleeps to headphone lullabies.

A couple with pale skin and dark hair whisper to each other in what sounds like a Slavic language. In Toronto, you need to whisper to have a private conversation; someone is always bound to eavesdrop in your language.

A wisp of an old man has a tan coat and a pointy white beard. Does his beret make him look distinguished, or is he distinguished enough to pull off a beret? Likely the latter.

A young black man wears a Blue Jays baseball cap – the old style, before the Jay looked sulky about how bad his team was doing. He offers his seat to a teetering lady with a cane, but she says no thank you.

A blond-haired construction worker type in a black leather jacket swigs two percent milk from a small carton.

A paunched, plain-Jane flirts with a well-dressed man. Do not be deceived – she is a master of body language. Watch how she giggles, leans in, absently brushes the man’s bicep with her fingers as she talks – and he is bewitched. We both are.

Photo by Bobolink

        Are you a people-watcher too? What kind of people catch your eye?


Mary said...

Yeah I enjoy people watching. I'm not sure what type of people catch my eye... Interesting ones obviously. It's funny watching people fall asleep on the train. And just in general there are some kookie people on the subway. They make for good watchin' sometimes. :)

Mary said...

Sorry I forgot to mention I also find it really comical/a little annoying when really vain women stand in front of the window and just look at themselves... the whole ride. Making sure every hair is in place, clothes look good. Every time they catch themselves in the glass they stare at themselves for at least 5 mins. It's so funny and lame.