Friday, April 30, 2010


I wake with darkness all around
without the wind, without a sound
alone in this vast, black somewhere
there is no sky, there is no ground

Now faintly in the distance there:
a light as fragile as a prayer
Through squinting eyes I’m shocked to spy
a jellyfish glows in the air

First one, then two, then by and by
their numbers start to multiply
They cloud me like a swarm of bees
as full as stars fill up the sky

Their tentacles sway in some breeze
like meadow grass or willow trees
but I know of no plant or spear
whose blades are deadlier than these

How long have I been trembling here?
Could be a minute or a year
In darkness, time cannot be read
and soon despair replaces fear

as deep in my exhausted dread
I grow a longing to be dead
and when it blooms I take a stand
and reach to grasp a glowing thread

I clasp around the see-through strand
but it just passes through my hand
like wine through lips after a toast
My fate is deaf to my command

Forever standing at my post
one question troubles me the most:
which one of us is just a ghost?
Which one of us is just a ghost?

This poem was written "in response" to NaPoWriMo #30: Free day (and farewell) on Read Write Poem. The meter and structure of the poem was based on that of a famous Robert Frost poem.

Photo by Thesupermat

        Do you believe in an afterlife? What do you imagine it will be like?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Whoa...deep stuff, and a very big rhyming structure. :) I don't know what the afterlife is like, and I don't really think about it. My philosophy is live life for life's sake, not preparing for death. :)

Anonymous said...

you can get a prompt fix from Big Tent Poetry, starting next week. WeWritePoetry and Writer's Island kick in tomorrow.
not the same, but still...

Mary said...

Like Andrew I try to not think about it too much. As a kid I always envisioned heaven the usual way... living in a paradise of puffy white clouds with a bunch of other dead people. But obviously that doesn't make much sense. Like, what age would you be in your after life... if you lived to 101, would you go back to the age you were in your prime? Or would you live on forever at 101? I went through a phase where I also believed in reincarnation. I think that makes a little more sense than heaven. Now... the thing is, I thought I didn't believe in any afterlife anymore. Once you're dead you're dead. People will bitch about "well then what are we living for??"... well that's easy, you're living for life dum dum. But then sometimes I do believe in ghosts and spirits lingering on, with un-finished business. Although I've never experienced a ghost myself, I've had close friends who have and who am I to rule it out? So if there's ghosts... there must be an afterlife of some sort...

Bottom line... I have noooo friggin clue what I believe the afterlife is. The only thing that I do know is don't sweat it because no one else has any clue what really happens either. You'll find out when you die. :)