Thursday, April 8, 2010

Double standards

I have, and therefore demand, the caliber of dog
that can be trusted to sit alone in the dining room
with the Thanksgiving turkey cooling on the table,
even though I’m the weaker breed: my master
would give thanks over takeout Chinese, blaming
only himself for forgetting there are limits
to even a good dog's loyalty.

There is harmony in inequality: if you serve people
identical plates, they’re only going to swap
          trade you my yolks for your egg whites?
          anyone want my home fries?

because cravings vary. Some people
can complain to a houseplant and some
need to confess all to a crowded stadium.
Like children, maybe we should live
by different rules.

The poem was written in response to NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #8: unusual love connections on Read Write Poem.

Photo by Vaguely Artistic

        Can you think of an imbalance or double standard in one of your friendships or relationships (ie. in a friendship the responsibility of keeping in touch falls to one person or in a relationship one partner's sex drive dictates the couple's sex life)? Does it bother you or do you accept it as part of the unique dynamic?


Dan Rako said...

"...Some people
can complain to a houseplant and some
need to confess all to a crowded stadium."

So true. Nice work!

L. Monique said...

I really like this poem! And your question immediately made me think of sex. I think for some people it's natural to have that perfect imbalance. Until you get two strong headed people together and then...

Wayne Pitchko said...

I like what you did here...nice read and thanks for sahring

Mary said...

Yeah I can think of a few situations for me personally... with friends, my boyfriend and even at work. Usually I'm ok with them, sometimes it gets tiring or irritating. Depends on the mood I'm in I guess haha. It's mostly because I'm very very easy going, I usually heed to others' needs because I'm indifferent. When it bothers me though I'll usually put my foot down and say fuck it, I'm not doing it this time.