Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double standards 2

If I ever find you in
                       desire for
another woman,
                       the forbidden,
I’ll kick
                       this habit;
that bitch’s
                       making me crazy.
                       bound, aching

This is my attempt at a cleave poem, which is really three complete and related poems in one. Tricky stuff to write! This was written in response to NaPoWriMo Poetry Prompt #14: you want me to write a what? on Read Write Poem.

Painting by Haynes King

        Jealousy is generally considered a negative emotion, but the fact that it survived throughout human evolution means it must serve some beneficial purpose. What, if any, do you think is the upside of jealousy?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Huh, that's a neat way to structure a poem. Anywho, jealousy makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective. If you're a woman, you want to make sure that man you boned sticks around and helps protect your kids instead of running off with the next hot bimbo he sees, and possibly protecting her kids instead of yours. If you're a man, you want to make sure your woman thinks it's worth staying with you instead of running off and boning another hot guy. What does that say about your qualities as a potential mate to other women? I think it's only considered a negative emotion because it can lead to people completely overreacting to stupid things and messing up a relationship. Although, if that's the case, maybe the relationship wasn't that strong to begin with. :P

one moe believer said...

double standards indeed!!! i like the form you took for this cleave a reflection of anger and passion ... umm jealousy... all i gotta say is scary jealousy... i stay far, far away from a man or a woman overcome with jealousy as a beast who needs to be tamed... myself included small portions cleave

Mary said...

Interesting structure cuzin! Looks like it was really hard to do... Anyway, we've had the jealousy discussion before. Andrew's on to something with the evolutionary aspect of it. Also I think it can be good when it's mild and harmless. It let's you know that the person really does care if you wandered. But yeah some people are crazy jealous, and to me that's a terribly unattractive quality. One must protect their turf, but they shouldn't be all ape shit about it. Especially if it's over absolutely nothing.

shannon teresa said...

We're allowed to be crazy and possessive, to threaten the respect of commitment with a swinging bat. Double standards for real but not one I would willingly giveup!!!

dogimo said...

Great poem(s)!

I love the form.

Jealousy is what you want just a little of, to feel wanted but not too much so, to see the proof of passion in a flash of anger - ire at having one's claim to something important disputed. But hopefully not to the point of crazy. One wants to be claimed by the one one claims, but even more than that, one wants not to have that person turn out to be some gross psycho.

Katie said...

I love this poem. "I'll kick that bitch's teeth in!" You would too.

Jealously is not a useless emotion at all. It tells your man that he's yours and tells other bitches to back the eff off. At least it would have back in the day I suppose. Now it's all "You should trust me, I would never do that!" Well screw that, I'm a jealous person and I can't help it. It's a natural emotion that needs to be dealt with in a very careful way.