Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craigslist special

Andrew’s bicycle has run away from our garage.

No, it can’t have been stolen; what thief
would steal his shiny red bike, but leave mine
leaning against the stowed pile of wood scraps,
broken furniture, junk run inevitables?

Don’t look at me like that.

Oh sure, she’s an ugly old clunker,
sad like a matted cat with it’s ear torn off
or a broken umbrella sopped in a puddle.
Her kickstand is a balancing act,
her chain a braying barnyard,
her brakes a test of faith.

I see your point.

Yeah, I could buy a new bike
(maybe a retro-style cruiser),
but it would be all will and no
fate, it would never satisfy
my want of serendipity, my love
for what is overlooked or

Before you start lecturing me on bicycle safety, let me say that I recently took my bike in to be fixed up (and it cost me over twice what I originally paid for the damn thing). She's still not going to win any beauty contests, but at least she's road-worthy.

Photo by Sam Javanrouh
(Check out more of this guy's photos; they're AWESOME!)

        Do you have something old or worn in your life that you choose not to replace out of fondness or sentimentality?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I suppose my NES, but that's just for sentimental value. I don't actually play it; I have emulators for that. :) In fact, I play lots of old games I just refuse to let go of, but in modern ways like on emulators that are even a better experience than the original. So I'm not sure if that counts or not. Games are weird like that. :)

Mary said...

Oh man did Andrew's bike seriously get stolen?? That blows. Yeah I sometimes look at those old bikes, and they're only 1-speeds. I LOVE multi-speed bikes for obvious reasons of when you're going through rough patches or whatever. I'm not sure I could handle a single-speed. Aaaanyway, I can't really think of something old I keep around for sentamental reasons. I'm more logical in the sense that if it needs replacing, I'll replace it... I'm sure there are a few things in my closet however that I could completely get rid of but don't because I can't bear to part with them.

Katie said...

UM every book I own, tonnes of clothes that are super ratty but I love them - the worst is the nailpolishes that are too old to be worn anymore, but the colours are too awesome to throw away. Things that can't ever be replaced, but really do need to be replaced mainly.

dogimo said...

I would never lecture you on safety!

And in answer to your question, yes.