Friday, March 12, 2010

The way we were

This worn wooden library chair is the closest
I will ever come to sitting at the Grand Opera House,
long since crushed beneath the necessity of sky scrapers,
and I wouldn’t brave the polluted waters at Sunnyside Beach,
except maybe on a well-funded dare. Maybe.
That was a different Toronto, a city we now only glimpse
through the keyhole of commemorative plaques
and microfilm.

We are each just one stitch in the city’s tapestry,
but there are worse corners of history to be sewn into.
This Toronto holds the Tower as her staff, but still keeps
a prized collection of old buildings like antique jewellery;
the Royal York is a diamond ring that makes her forget
the ruby she used to wear there.

Grand Opera House (Yonge/Adelaide), 1874-1927
Photo by F. W. Micklethwaite

        What is your favourite historical building in your city? Why?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Probably one of the theatres...maybe Massey Hall? I've seen some damn good concerts there, and while Roy Thompson Hall is technically old, it's been completely redone so it's not really historic anymore. :)

Dorkmaster Flek said...

Actually scratch that, apparently Roy Thompson Hall is a lot newer than I thought it was. :) Massey Hall it is! It's actually designated a historical site.

Adelaide said...

Funny how when you find out things were built the year before you were born, they suddenly seem brand new, huh Andrew?