Monday, March 22, 2010

To be an old woman

May I live long enough to be
an old woman. After the long battle
against anti-aging cream and the plastic
sex nymphs on glossy magazine covers is lost
and the world’s disinterest will allow me to be a whole
person again – as whole as I was at seven years old,
smiling and sun burnt, hair knotted in tree sap –
it should suit me just fine.

I think I will be braver
at seventy. When life carves its name
in the bark of my face like hearted lovers’ initials
and my vanity – no longer swollen with flattery
and delusion – shrivels in the absence of cat-calling,
I fully intend to become a shameless flirt.

There is a whole depth of self
only years can realize. I want
to become wise and well-read,
blessed with pervasive reflection.
I want to know all the things
it takes a lifetime to learn.

Photo by Edward S. Curtis

        How do you imagine you'll be different at, say, age seventy than you are now?


Boomka said...

I honestly have no idea. I thought I knew how I would be at 25. Nope wrong. I now have all these preconceived notions about 30 and we'll see how that ends up. I think the thing I am most concerned about is being a good person and staying positive and caring and open minded, or at least trying to. I have no idea who I'll be at 70 but I hope I still act like a kid, eat too many cookies, and have people to surround myself with!

Mary said...

I'll probably be one of those silly old ladies who say whatever they please because I'm old and it doesn't matter hahaha. I will be giggly, fat, wrinkly and probably have a cane cuz my knees already suck... I'll have a plethera of animals, probably old ones because I won't be able to keep up with puppies and kittens anymore.

I hope I don't live long enough to have to go into a nursing home. As cynical as that may sound... I'm completely serious, haha.

shannon teresa said...

I dread the thought of being old Shayla! Everytime I see an old person I cringe because it's inevitable (unless I die of course). I just don't like the idea of shrinking into yourself until you no longer exist. Though this is a nice way of looking at it