Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sources of strange childhood pride

My grandparents were beautiful.
They were the ones everyone wanted to have,
but they chose to have only each other.

My father was tough. I slept assured
with a great, woolly dog by the front door
and dad snoring down the hall.

My imagination was robust (and often remarked upon
by the strangers I barked at in grocery stores);
at six, no other skill seemed so vital.

I had a slingshot carved from a tree branch
(which practically made me Dennis the Menace)
until I gave it away to my cousin in a show of loyalty.

I could climb to the very top
of the big pine tree: the ultimate test
of courage, skill and maturity.

Remember this stupid movie?

        What were the sources of your strange childhood pride?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I was wicked awesome at Mario. I sucked at Street Fighter, but at least I could do all the hard levels in Mario. :) Also, I wrote my own BASIC programs.

Mary said...

Awhhh I still feel sooooo bad for a) taking your amazing sling shot from you and b) losing it! You should have never given it to me... But I appreciate the gesture ;)

Umm I'm not sure what my sources of pride were. I was a very athletic little girl so it was fun being able to play basketball and hand ball, etc. with the boys at recess... getting to be captain of gym teams. I guess I took pride in it, yeah. Also, I was pretty good at Donkey Kong for super nintendo. I also found it funny that my sister, 13 years my senior, was the French supply teacher for my class in grade 4. When that happened, I remember I felt pretty cool... because it was MY sister, and she spoke no french at all so we didn't have to do work that day, haha.