Thursday, March 11, 2010

Simply moving forward

I refuse to believe this time spent waiting
for opportunity to rise up over the horizon
and shine its light upon us is without a purpose.

This time is like a meandering walk
on a Sunday afternoon: with nowhere to be,
I surrender myself to the seduction of fields,
arcane alleyways, virgin boulevards,
whatever stirs imagination or curiosity.
If I happen upon a crimson leaf or cordial stray
or cement scripture, I stop to pay it
due consideration. I make friends of strangers,
both biological and geographical.

Though adventure comes assured in traveling
to the beach, to the store, to the park,
I find sometimes simply moving forward,
letting my feet journey wherever
my deepest self desires to go,
often leads to more authentic ends.

        Have you ever taken up an activity or gotten involved in a project, just because it interested you, and found it led to something that had a greater impact on your life?

        An alternative way to think about it: does your career path (whether fully realized or currently just an aspiration) relate to any of the activities or interests you had as a child?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hell yeah, I used to write BASIC programs on the Commodore 64 in my Grade 3 or 4 class. Later, I discovered the old ICONs at gifted had QBasic on them. :)

SOL said...

Well, poetry is always a meandering road for me and I always love the journey (even if the poem is not the best).