Monday, March 29, 2010

Shared space

Dancing with you was easier
when I stood on your feet
and we moved together, every step
synchronized in the effortless harmony
of shared space.

Now we just sway in the hollow light
of my neon smile – awkwardly, aimlessly,
both too polite to lead. Self-conscious
of my hand on your shoulder, no longer
clasped tight in balance, I’m mourning
the strange emptiness between our bodies.
Stiffness in my step; the sudden force of my
clumsy heel on your toe will hurt worse
than the old dull aching that spread beneath
the constant, resting weight of my shoes
scuffing the shine off yours.

La valse by Charles Léandre

        Can you think of a time when one of your comfortable relationships was challenged by a change in your schedule or location? How did the relationship adapt, if at all?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I think this is about your parents. Either that, or I have a problem on my hands. :) Anyway, I feel like since I moved out (mainly since I started working full time), many relationships have changed. A lot of them simply faded away, or were in the process of fading away anyway. However, I think some grew better. When I see my parents or my brothers, I feel like I have more to talk about with them. I guess I gave up quantity of relationships in order to have more meaningful ones with less time available.

Mary said...

My brother and I aren't as close anymore... I guess it happened when he moved to Vancouver. Then he came back and got married and I didn't see him very much... we just kind of drifted. My sister is easier to talk to because she'll just sit there and talk your friggin ear off. But both my brother and myself aren't phone talkers or conversation initiaters really, so it's just harder to stay in touch. It's better in the summer when we see each other at the cottage more and get drunk by the fire.