Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not sleeping well

You can’t be productive in a dream;
The only thing real is pale blood cycling
through your temples like six pressing tasks
you’re struggling to remember, you’re chanting
under your breath. When I wake in the 2 a.m.
dark, the only finished project I get to keep is
a twitch under my left eye or a new symptom
to the cold I thought was mending.

You don’t get much sleep on a roller coaster.
Some people willingly stand in line for hours
just to feel all the exhilarating sensations
of a panic attack, but
I just want off.

The Schwarzkopf Olympia Looping, Düren
Photo by Boris23

        How does stress tend to manifest itself if your dreams (ie. final exams, work projects, full-blown nightmares, etc.)?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

My nightmares always seem to be about school... It seems to be a mix between high school and university, or some kind of bizarre merger of the two, but it's always exam time and I haven't studied. :P

Mary said...

It's funny i went through a period of about a week recently where i'd wake up from dreams in a panic. Like "oh no! I'm covered from head to toe in hair! I need laser treatment", or "shit, I forgot to do something at work, I'm so fucked!", or whatever... I'd be worried about something that happened in my dream. Yet I have no idea why... I don't think I was particularly stressed at the time.

I do know that when I'm anxious about something, it's hard for me to fall asleep. Like the first night I heard about this potential job, all i could think when trying to fall asleep is gotta write my cover letter, oh man am i even qualified for this? what if I get the job, and I realize I'm in over my head? yadda yadda... it sucks man. I gotta learn to relax.

JMH said...

I tend to dream of deaths, usually immediate family ones. I have four parents (well, two step), and a variety of siblings. So there's a few variations. Usually the tone is "Oh God, I need to assume at least part of this person's role. How am I going to do that?"

But the relief in the morning is wonderful.