Friday, March 5, 2010

March on

Nothing vast has changed:
I’m still unfulfilled,
you’re still unemployed.
The only difference is the sunlight
on St. Andrew’s Church
that dawns a new day at 5 p.m.,
the warm winds that blow kisses hello
and help me out of my moping
like a gentlemen taking a lady’s coat.

Winter is the restless night
you cowered before as a child,
pooled in blankets thick as excuses,
still in the silence of leafless trees;
when your silk scarf curtains glowed
like rekindled embers, you exhaled
and took peaceful sleep.

St. Andrew's Church, Toronto
Photo by Simon Pulsifer

        Why is it that even after an unusually mild winter (for Toronto, anyway), we're all still so damn excited that spring is almost here? What is it about spring that puts everyone in such an improved mood?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Because winter just plain sucks. Even in a mild winter, we still have to trudge through snow, put up with more TTC delays than usual due to weather, and wear big puffy winter coats that squish us even closer together on the subway (as if it wasn't claustrophobic enough as it is). Go away, Old Man Winter! :)

shannon teresa said...

Every year the whether flips back and forth from being my worst enemy to my best friend.

Changing from cursing being outside to wishing you were a damn Avatar is cause for celebration. It's like making up with an old best friend every year

Mary said...

I loooooove the sunshine!!! The other morning (I think it was Friday) I was almost at work. It was 7:00am exactly and the sun was blinding me. It made me very happy, because I never usually see the sun before work now that I go so early.

Also I love how you can go out in just a sweater and be fine. I also love getting to drive with the windows cracked, listening to reggae or something sunny... After a long, cold winter the warmth is sooo friggin welcome. It's awesome.