Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sighing over sweet, ancient memories,
the ocean combs out her wavy locks, carelessly
spilling them across the flaxen sand.
The untroubled sky writes her love-notes
on the feathers of seabirds, and she gives no reply
except a faint, shy caress at the horizon.

Even I of the most loquacious mind
sit watching in permeating silence;
there is a kind of clarity here
such as I have never found.

        My mom says she always pictures herself by the ocean when she's meditating, and I never fully understood why until my trip to Cuba. What image(s) tends to pop up when you're trying to calm or quiet your mind?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Music, rock god fantasies...the usual. :) That's probably why I love Rock Band so much...

Mary said...

Oh man I haven't been on here in so long it seems... There is much to catch up on!

Great poem! Isn't the ocean totally awesome? I could sit and watch for hours if my ass didn't start to go numb on the beach chairs. I think it has to do with the constant waves crashing on the shore, and how when you look out all you see is this vast, gorgeous, never-ending body of water. The enormity if it really trips me out sometimes.

Anyway, funny enough when I'm trying to calm down or get thoughts out of my head usually I will think of a blank white page or room... if something pops in, I immediately remove it. Tricky at first but it actually works after awhile. I don't do this too often, but in yoga when they tell you to ditch every thought in your mind and just think of absolutely nothing, that's what I did.

claudia said...

1. Being on the water. I find paddling the most relaxing.

2. Mountains

3. A COMBO!!! the best.