Monday, February 8, 2010

Spell to summon change

Snap the hitch
A slip of a stitch
The flip of a switch
The scratch of an itch

Set the gauge
A light on the stage
The turn of a page
The end of an age

Pedestrian tunnel that runs beneath the Don Valley Parkway
Photo by Steven Burke

        I like to wander through new areas of the city when my mind feels stale and I want to encourage a creative change. Is there something small you do to freshen things up when your mind gets stagnant?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

That usually happens when I'm stuck on something at work. I usually just try to focus on something else for a bit, or go home and get some rest. I always look better at the problem the next day.

Alexis said...

when i'm frustrated with something and i need to let out some steam before i try again, i either go for a walk & listen to music or i play a violent video game. but 8 times out of 10 the video game gets me more frustrated than the initial task.

Carissa said...

i live in a dorm on the 12th floor. and the common area has an amazing view of the Philadelphia skyline, so some nights at about 3am I cut out the lights, go sit on the couch and just stare out the window and think. Theres so much beauty in the world that goes by unnoticed. I appreciate little things like that. It stirs my creative juices.

Alexis said...

great poem by the way