Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Speculation on a coffee mug

My father subscribed to the old coffee mug adage, You don’t know anything until you’re thirty.

At ten years old, this infuriated me; according to coffee-stained bubble letters on the side of a little ceramic bucket, I was to remain in my lowly childhood ignorance for three times my current lifetime. I knew how to read and write, after all, and didn't that count for something?

That coffee mug’s been haunting me lately, as I count the final hours of my early twenties and try to remember back
        when being good was like colouring crayon
                inside thick black outlines
        when I had more opinions (my father’s) about politics,
                and less understanding
        when sex was bad and alcohol worse and drugs
                turned you crazy or criminal
        when religion wasn’t shrapnel

Life since high school has been an exercise in unlearning. A part of me looks forward to thirty, when allegedly I will know something.

Photo by Joe Mabel

        What belief or issue have you had a major change of heart about over the course of your life?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Sex, not so much. Religion, I've grown much more cynical, but I never liked church to begin with. Politics, same thing. Probably drugs, then. :)

SOL said...

Yes, at thirty, just like at 13, you know everything. Then, a year later, you realize you know nothing. I feel like I am often starting over from a new beginning.