Tuesday, February 23, 2010

smile list

when you and I were sixteen
and our parents felt like our children
or our boyfriends wanted to be our boy friends
we wrote silly lists that made us smile:

        crackling ice cubes
        unfortunate last names
        hearing a song you love but forgot about
        anything colour-coded
        running for the bus and just making it
        snowflakes caught in eyelashes
        holding hands
        small dogs on staircases
        Simon & Garfunkel
        the word “chesterfield”
        flared nostrils
        waking up with perfect hair
        waking up with ridiculously bad hair
        messages fingered in mirror steam
        profound graffiti
        talkative strangers
        old friends

Photo by Nevit

        What's on your smile list?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I love crackling ice cubes. :) I also love replaying old games I haven't played in a long time and forgot most of the secrets.

claudia said...

friends who write lovely poems on just the day when I feel like I need to read something lovely.