Thursday, February 18, 2010

My subconscious is on steroids

I pinch the skin of my arm, hard,
on the subway platform. Too many times
have I asked myself, Is this a dream?
and said Nooo and moments later awoke.
My brain has a top-notch video card
and way too much memory; when I try
to spot a dream through little tricks
– light level adjustment, stationary text,
tactile precision and complexity,
the clarity of every texture and detail –
every sensation swells right up to greet me.

Even now, as I carefully inspect every
pore and follicle on this red, throbbing welt,
I’ll never be quite certain.

Salvador Dali A by photographer Philippe Halsman, 1948

        Have you ever had an experience where you couldn't remember if it had happened in real life or just in a dream?

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Dorkmaster Flek said...

Very rarely, but a couple times. I woke up and then slowly came to the realization that what just happened was a dream and I did not, in fact, have a new video game system or something waiting for downstairs. This was when I was younger. :)