Friday, February 19, 2010

Life in the decade without a name

My generation plays a game that goes: If you could live your prime through any era, which would you choose?

Katie belongs in the late Eighties, nursing on brat pack movies through her high school years – fresh from the theatre, not crystallized in HD. She’d flirt wildly with the notion of moving to NYC, spending five hours on her makeup before dashing out to outlaw parties at the local Burger King dressed in skin and sequins. The rest of her life could be spent telling outrageous stories she couldn’t quite remember because of all the chemical drugs.

Andrew would wake up just a few years earlier and fritter his quarters away in the arcades. All his favourite tunes would still be on the radio.

And me, you know I couldn’t be happier anytime but the Sixties, when the wind blew hard enough to move people, to tear things down. When fashion was political, not corporate, and there were causes to dies for in good company. Chain me to a tree or lock me in a school and I’ll play you the five chords I know.

Fun game, but it always leads to the inevitable, terrifying question: given the chance, would I? Would I run away to clubland? Would I join the revolution?

And then: when I look back on this era, what will I have missed being a part of?

It could be worse. Sometimes I thank God for the Internet, and for 9/11 – the only things that kept this decade from being as lame as the Nineties.

Photo by S.Sgt. Albert R. Simpson, October 21, 1967

        Your turn: If you could live your prime through any era, which would you choose and why?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I think I'd want to be in high school in the 70s, then my prime in the 80s. That would get me into all the crazy prog rock going on in the 70s, but then once I'm actually in my prime, I have disposable income for the video game revolution of the 80s. :)

shannon teresa said...

I teeter between the 60's and 50's and now. Back then there was TV, DVDs, video games, cps and all of the other solitary distractions. When people went outside b/c inside only had a bed and jug of water.

Now we have so many great tools, it makes like way more exciting for opportunists.

I actually wish I was born in 1990 - that would probably be the tops

Katie said...

I do really love the late eighties. Nightlife in NY of that time was so crazy though. I probably would have died. Maybe in Toronto though, it would have been a good medium.

But what did people do when they needed to look something up with out the internet? How else do you find the person you're meeting if not by texting??