Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Joni Mitchell

I’m tracking your footprints
across eighty-eight dusty keys,
shadowing you with my clumsy fingers.
I’m wandering your labyrinthine lyrics
until they grow bored and release me
back out the door I came in.

I’m chasing you along the winding melody,
right to the edge where you leap into flight
and I skid to a stop, knowing I would fall;
my voice is greyer in its prime than yours was
when you decided to quit
and take up painting.

        Can you think of someone you admire and try to imitate, but every time you look at their work you can't helping feeling totally intimidated by how amazing it is?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Anything Nintendo related, when it comes to anything game design related. I guess Nintendo in general, and Shigeru Miyamoto specifically, since he created Mario and Zelda. Then again, there's plenty of romhacks, homebrew projects, and even professional games where I feel I could design a better game in my sleep. :P

Mary said...

Hmmm my first reaction to the question was to say really great musicians (mainly guitarists.. but some pianists and percussionists as well) whose music I've tried to learn... It's just so hard and frustrating! I feel like if they can do it, why the hell can't I if I really really try...

but reading Andrews post really made me remember that I am SO intimidated by video game creators, computer animators or even just cartoon animators. I look at what's behind all of it, and just am in complete awe. All of the time, talent, hard work and patience it takes to get shit done... dang.