Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby, get your can

Baby, get your can:
this plant needs watering.
Its leaves are folded in a heap
like shirts waiting for the iron
and they smell like rainy Mondays
and empty houses and missed goodbyes.

Baby, take it away; I can’t bear
to look at it any longer.

Photo by Sharyn Morrow

        What do you think is the value of an artist issuing a statement to “explain” his or her work, compared to saying nothing and leaving it completely open to interpretation?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Please do! Not everyone is capable of reading the mind of the artist. :)

SOL said...

I loved the imagery and the voice.

Gerry Boyd said...

Don't care much for explanatory notes. The poem is what the poem is. In most senses, a poem should be an attempt to express the inexpressible. Why muck that up with words that are, in effect, expressible? If what you are trying to express is expressible, you should be writing prose.