Wednesday, January 20, 2010

War buddies

We were war buddies in a bad work environment;
a wellspring of strength and commonality, inadvertently born
of our boss’s love of all things cheap and pretty.
We held each others’ hands through the emptiness,
knitted a commune of sweet dreams
so we could sleep at night.

The war is over, but we remain
stubbornly flicking the thumbwheel
on each others’ aspirations, sharing faith
that someday soon we will ignite.

For all my "war buddies" at OKH, especially Mona, who's embarking shortly on a brave journey of self-discovery.

Photo by David J. Fred

        Have you ever been in a tough environment or circumstance that fostered a strong friendship?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hahaha, "all things pretty and cheap". Clever. :)

Mary said...

Awhh this reminds me of Silvia and I... And Andrew I guess but he's our boss, so more so Silvia. Our job isn't incredibly terrible or difficult. But bitching, moaning, whining and going crazy together in close quarters has helped develop a strong friendship that will last well beyond our time as colleagues.

P.S. I'm getting used to this Brampton mumbo jumbo.. it's really not so terrible because now I'm done at 3 and I'm home by 4.. I still miss downtown deeply though.