Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things I found while cleaning out my desk

  • Pocketsize notebook, filled half with office notes and half with drawings
  • Staple-remover with post-it note eyes
  • Three fake credit cards, salvaged from the junk mail pile
  • Photograph of my favourite coworker and I with Santa
  • Hole-punch that makes butterfly shapes
  • Sign reading “Elevator -->” stolen from 116 Spadina
  • Post it note reading “Vo est die badden-zimmer?” (phonetic German for “Where is the bathroom?” as translated by a coworker)
  • Leftover balloons and streamer from when we decorated our boss’s office for his birthday
  • Decorative rubber stamps I used to decorate personal letters
  • Small collection of cue cards, each bearing “Who am I?” typed on them in Courier font and a different thumbprint in black ink (the beginnings of an unfinished art project)
  • Four unanswered letters from friends
  • Thirty-one unpostmarked stamps, collected from incoming mail over the past fifteen months
  • Box of Spiderman Band-Aids; I intend to leave them behind as a gift for Joseph, the lawyer who rents space in our office, because he frequently comes to me with cut fingers.
  • Ornate gold button I bought months ago to sew onto the sweater of a coworker who no longer work here
  • Several coupons for a free latte and pastry at a nearby café, dropped off to be shared among the staff here; I’m taking them all with me
  • Small stack of business cards for my late boss (I have more than one boss here)
  • Photobooth pictures of my sister and I when she was still blond
  • Crude drawing of my favourite coworker’s vagina on a post-it note
  • Dried fruit I bought over six months ago; still tastes good
  • Postcard Joseph sent the office on his trip to Greece
  • Small ball of turquoise yarn I once used to teach a coworker how to knit during our lunch hour
  • Sewing kit I once used to mend a coworker’s split skirt

This is my last day at my current job, but oddly enough my new job is also located on Adelaide West, so the title of this blog will still be appropriate.

Credit where credit is due: this photo is a total rip-off of one that my friend Johnny and his sister posed for. Also, I am not as ugly as I look in this photo. Except maybe when I cry.

        Do you consider yourself a sentimental person? What objects do you keep around just to remind you of good times?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Only when it comes to video game stuff. :) I kept my old NES, as well as some of the more obscure things like my 64DD addon for the N64 which was only released on Japan, and a real North American copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Sega Saturn. These things are each probably worth several hundred dollars. :)

Andrea said...

Haha, I'm sure you know how sentimental I am, given the constant insane state of my room. ...And now that I've moved home permanently, it has managed to get 10 times worse...I save EVERYTHING, but pictures mean the most to me. :)

Shannon Teresa said...

congratulations, I hope wherever you're going, you;re still able to find pockets of time to write for this blog!

Mary said...

Hahahaha love the picture! I'll be sure to show it to Johnny.

My whole sentimentalism comes and goes... I used to collect stubs from concerts and movies, etc. to remind myself of the awesome night that it was. But then years pass and I have no where to put them and they're old and gross, so I just end up tossing them. I like little sentimental things, however I realize if I collected every little thing that has an ounce of meaning, I'd be a complete pack rat. Therefore, I'm pretty good at letting go of the crap and just holding on to the memories... even though my memory is shyte, haha.

Katie said...

Um ... have you seen my room? I tend to keep too many things for silly reasons.