Thursday, January 21, 2010


No drug ever got me as high
as being sixteen and having everyone
look at me.

It’s comforting
to have someone know you
and love you for who you are, inside,
but it’s painful to watch yourself become
too familiar, a song you used to worship
until it got so overplayed.

Some days I long to put aside
the cultivated convictions of my tasteful twenties,
paint my face in toxic colour,
waste time on my hair, vote
for consumerism with my dollars
and chase cheap thrills,
instant gratification. Pretend
the world is still as simple
as it was in high school.

As posted on LAID (with a little extra).

A teenage girl modeling her first "grown-up" outfit;
thank God we don't live in the 1800s.

        What do you miss about your sexuality or life as it was in high school? What do you appreciate about the way it’s evolved?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I miss the simplicity. :P Being a grownup sucks sometimes. It has great perks, don't get me wrong, but I do miss not having to worry about a career and bills and boring life crap. :P

JMH said...

My sexuality in high school (laughing)? What, coming home and waiting for salacious videos on MTV or (for a more sophisticated, romantic experience) VH1 and locking the dog in the laundry room so it wouldn't watch me and/or bite my dick off.

Nah, I don't miss it.

Has it evolved? I sure hope so.