Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sexual canvas

It’s supposed to be a portrait, and I suppose it is
if you look at it the right way. See the eyes?
They’re really the most striking part of the piece,
and the clearest; they never change. The features
are jumbled up Picasso-style, but he painted
one subject from many angles and this is
one subject from many years.

Green lips. Red throat. It’s the colours
that really throw you off -- portrait of a man
who has drunk a full glass of juiced rainbow
without adding water and now he's sweating dye.
It’s not pretty exactly, but just interesting.
I don’t know why the artist desired it to be so
and perhaps neither does she.

It’s plain work, really, made with the eye of one
who can recite colour theory and art history
like multiplication tables, made with a hand that holds
the brush wrong, clumsy as a first kiss. This is the artist’s
sole work -- sketchbook stain and masterpiece in one.
Look, if you study the corners, you can still see
the wavering strokes a young and shaking hand made
back before the artist learned not to lift her eyes
to compare her canvas to others’.

This poem was inspired by Carissa's poem My Canvas on LAID.

Nude Woman with a Necklace by Picasso

        What does your "sexual canvas" look like?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

My sexual canvas would be a singular portrait, but I think I'm not typical in that regard. :) Also, you should update your info on Shannon's blog since we're now married, not "getting married this September". ;)

carissa said...

Love it! "Sketchbook stain and masterpiece all in one" ur amazing. No really. N plus im interested in doing a post for u while ur on vacation if ur interested :)


Shannon Teresa said...

Beautiful canvas, green lips? why