Monday, January 25, 2010

On this dreary day

By guest poet Mona of Streaming Through Consciousness

Even the yellow leaves on my office plant give up
And plunge to their untimely death on my carpet,
Making me look like a careless murderer.

The Toronto hydro generator hums its last breath
And shuts off power to the entire business city block,
Whispering it’s last fuck you to the elite for making it work so hard.

My co-workers huddle in my office, lacking any feelings of nostalgia over the unusual event. The only excitement they voice is for having pressed SAVE on their computers. I suggest we hold hands and sing Kumbaya but they lazily yawn and role their eyes at me. A silly girl dismissed.

My last phone call is wasted when Teo calls to complain about her ungrateful boss who is making her conduct banking during her lunch hour -- any sense of commonality is lost between us as the sound of her voice is drowned against a loud announcement: “The police have been called. Please leave the bank immediately.” An employee accidentally tripped over the alarm!

I stand tall on the furnace in my office in my high heeled boots
And look out at the city underneath me from the floor to ceiling glass windows.
I spread my arms and contemplate what it would feel like to fly before I hit the concrete.

I pause,
I smile and
I thank God.

Today is a dreary day,
but hey --
at least I’m not:

        Sad enough to let go of my claws dug firmly into life,
        Mad enough to quit just to screw them,
        Tainted enough to waste unique opportunities,
        Dumb enough to set off an alarm, or
        Dull enough not to contemplate ways to fly.

Special thanks to Mona, who kicks off this week's line of guest poets with a bang. Mona's currently on a journey of self-discovery in South America for several months. You can read a log of her experiences and more of her poems at her blog, Streaming Through Consciousness.

Photo by Christian Mehlführer

        Can you think of a time when something unexpected, like a power-out, shook you out of your daily routine and made you really experience the present?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Ah, I remember that day... Awesome leaving work early. :) The only other recent time something like that happened to me was a year or two ago, when somebody had a minor collision at Don Mills & Steeles while I was riding the bus home and it happened right next to the bus. Fortunately, it didn't involve the bus. :P That was a nice trip down memory lane. Thanks, Mona. :)

Mona said...

thanks guys. I really appreciate you posting my poem Shayla. I read your new stuff and you just keep getting better and better. It's all really lovely. For now I will use my poetry website as my blog about my journey. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy your trip to CUUUBA!

Adelaide said...

Mona, I hope you don't mind that I chose this poem instead of others or that I re-formatted it a little bit. The style of this poem is a little different from a lot of your others, but I truly love the narration in this one. It always gives me such a clear picture of you in that moment.