Wednesday, January 27, 2010

growing up

By guest poet Alexis

sorry i've been so distant
growing up is getting rough
the future is coming up too close to touch
my moods are quickly changing as fast as night & day
i apologize if one of my bad moods has crossed your merry way
there are many things you want to experience; to touch, to feel, to try
wanting to absorb it all before life seems so dry
i wanted to be your shield, to protect you from harm's way
you've always been the good one, most likely to share your straw
ive always been the mean one, an example of murphy's law
i saw you as a timeless classic, a flawless work of art
i was damaged goods who liked to curse and fart
the year we both turned 20 reality soon clicked in
mona lisa added a wink to her infamous grin
questioning why things change, looking near & far
the conclusion that i came to was that human is what you are
a pedestal is where i'll always hold you
and our friendship which is a bond everlasting & true

Alexis is a frequent commenter on Adelaide West, so I'm happy to have some of her own work posted here.

Photo by patries71

        How have the friendships in your life evolved since childhood? What do you miss about childhood friendships? What do you appreciate about adult ones?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I think it's the same thing that keeps me friends with people my entire life; namely, common interests and a certain level of passion for them. I think at the core, that's what it's all about. It's why I've drifted away from people I used to be friends with, and it's why I'm still friends with the people I see now. Good on you Alexis; this was a very personal entry and probably not easy to write. :)

Alexis said...

thanks andrew! I wrote this when i just turned 20. you're definitely one friendship i plan on keeping for the rest of my life. iiiiiiiii LOOOVVVVE YOU!

Adelaide said...

Aww, you two are super cute. I hope you'll write more poems in the future, Alexis. My favourite line from this one was definitely: "mona lisa added a wink to her infamous grin"

Mary said...

Wow! I really like this, it made me tear up just a little bit hahaha... Not sure if it's about me or Tracey or someone else, but I'm pretty damn sure I like to curse and fart just as much as you, har har. Anyway, even if it's not aboot me, it's a very touching and very personal poem. Like Andrew said, it must have been tough to write. 20 is a very interesting/confusing time most people's lives. Great writing by the way my love ;)

Okay so to answer the questions... I do miss the simplicity of friendships you had as kids. You basically just go out and play, the more the merrier. Sometimes your lives unfortunately go in different directions and you either simply lose touch or actually lose the interest in the things that you shared, therefore growing apart.

If you're lucky enough to have life long friendships like we do (including the cousins), you have the opportunity to grow into adults with each other. You help each other make tough decisions, share advice, secrets, hard and awesome times together. It's kinda nice to have that comfort zone of people who will love you no matter what idiot decisions you make. Life long friends become family and I think that keeps people together. Jesus, sorry this is so dang long... I'm just rambling and rambling. Okay, peace out, and to keep with the trend on these comments I LOVE YOU GUYS TOOOOO!!!