Friday, January 22, 2010


Katie’s room is a Queen Street telephone pole, layered
in stickers, posters, photo booth shots, black marker excerpts.
The walls are purple underneath, I think.

Katie shows us her little black dress, her first-date dress,
her more-of-a-shirt dress, her too-fancy-to-wear-anywhere-dress.
Kneeling on a lumpy bedspread of laundry and paperbacks,
my mother and I watch as she tries on every dress in her
doorless closet, waiting to fling our own shirts off
when she declares items available for coveting.

I'm off to Cuba tomorrow, but the blog must go on! Next week on Adelaide West: GUEST POETS!

Photo by Slightlynorth

        What do you think your bedroom says about your personality?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

It says I'm a neat and orderly person. And maybe a little anal. :)

Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

have fun! have fun!

Alexis said...

my room says ALOT about my personality, full of pop culture, photos of favourite people celebrities & close friends, trinkets & treasures i find on my many travels. if i could post pictures i would. i get many compliments on my room so i guess its pretty awesome, just like me :D

Katie said...

This poem makes me too happy inside. That was a fun night wasn't it? I love trying on old clothes.

But some times, I think my room says more about who I use to be then who I still am. Time to redecorate perhaps.