Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perfect Job

To attract the job submissions
offer an ideal position:
Room to grow and progress
Informal dress

Work that we find satisfying
Never causes stress or crying
End at five, start at nine
No overtime

Always keep a lengthy fuse
Never snap or spy or abuse
Please be near a subway station
Pay well and give three weeks vacation

If you respect and compensate us
you will never have to terminate us
We won't steal office supplies
and swivel chairs
Won't spend every morning
playing solitaire
Hurry, job ad!
Many thanks

Workers of the world

This is a parody of the song The Perfect Nanny from Mary Poppins.

        What's your criteria for the ideal (but still realistic) job?

1 comment:

Dorkmaster Flek said...

Hahaha, that parody was great! I like my job, but if it was just a little shorter hours, that would be just about perfect. :)