Friday, December 11, 2009

Hibernation attempt #1

This poem has been taken down for submission to a publication. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Photo by Daniel Schwen

        All this cold and darkness is getting me down (yes, I realize it's only December) and I need cheering up: what's your favourite thing about winter?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

Christmas presents! And the break from work. :)

dogimo said...

I love these!! Poems you're doing, the current batch. This one is sensuous, inside and out!

I've been meaning to say what an admirably sly idea you've hit upon here, with the format: Poem / Image / Question. Genius! A lot of people won't want to just come right out and talk about your poem - especially if it's any good! i.e. hittin' a nerve. Which is why so many poetry blogs just sort of sit there.

But by giving readers a neutral - or I should say not neutral, but an enticing way in, with the provocative related aside at the end, it breaks the ice to neatly pieces. So whether they want to take a crack at the question or go into the poem, or even talk about the picture, they feel and easy.

I keep meaning to say something about it. Damn neat trick! That isn't even a trick.

My favorite thing about winter is flying back East for Christmas.

Alexis said...

ice skating, christmas, gettin drunk & warm, comfy pjs.

Mary said...

Hmmm my favourite thing about winter I guess is going snowskating when there's a nice new snowfall, and it's just the right temperature and not windy. I really enjoy the way snow makes everything so pretty.. with the exceptions of roads where it gets all nasty and brown. And yeah I like skating like Alexis said.. and Christmas & New Years of course.

Sorry the SADs is gettin you down cuz. Make sure to go out on sunny days to soak up some Vitamin D and happiness :)

JMH said...

I like your poems. The adjective that comes to mind is "digestible," and I'm going to stick with that despite the awareness that this poem touches on the indigestible, perhaps even indigestion.

My favorite thing about winter? Waking up before the alarm clock with a cold nose and knowing that I can turn over and sleep warmly on my face for another hour.

I realize that sleeping on my face isn't the best way to maintain my intelligence, but hey, there's a trade-off in everything.