Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good girl

I wonder if detention would have been good for me,
if so much praise earned over so many years
from my obedience to authority figures has made me
one of those zombies in the Milgram experiment
who will go on shocking the poor learner
just because the experimenter tells me to.

I wonder if having strange, frequent sex in the basement
of my parents' house has made me unable to have
sex dreams where people don't walk in at crucial moments,
has stifled me quiet, always jumping at noises,
never fully comfortable without my clothes
at arm's reach.

Illustration of the setup of a Milgram experiment

        Do you think you were a "good kid" or a "bad kid" growing up? How do you think that affects the person you've become as an adult? Do you have any regrets about it?


Dorkmaster Flek said...

I love that experiment. It was totally mind-blowing when I read about it in psych class. :) I was definitely a "good kid" growing up, and I think it definitely did make me more accepting of authority figures. That having been said, I'd like to think that I do question things where it makes sense.

dogimo said...

I don't know what I thought I actually was. I know I very badly wanted to be good.

That's a very tough question.

I love the poem!

Shannon Teresa said...

I think I was good but in my teens I turned bad. I don't know why I did but I did. The mix of both extremes serves as a nice balance in my adult years.

p.s. I read this poem 10 times yesterday and 10 times today. well done

Mary said...

I was a really good kid. And I blame it on the fact that although I had two older siblings who could have potentially been bad influences, they were a little too much older than me and ended up being more like second parents... it was fairly hard to get away with anything. I think it has made me a bit of a softy and a push over... I usually do what I'm told and I'm very easy going but if something doesn't make sense I will question or argue it.

Sometimes I do wish I was more of a rebel because I can be a big puss puss (as you all know). But I'm not sorry I was a good kid... I do feel it helped me be more respectful of people in general. And there seems to be a shortage of people with manners these days.