Monday, December 7, 2009

First snow

We took bets on when the first snow would fall:
Hayley said Halloween, I said the Santa Claus Parade
and the weatherman said today, early December.

This winter doesn't flaunt great, fluffy snowflakes,
flouncing them about like tufts of a feather boa, decorating
tree branches and eye lashes; it is meagre, sprinkling
prudent white flecks of salt, to taste,
leaving only an austere frost.

Photo by Paul Smith

        Snow or no snow? Are you the kind of person who longs for the convenience of a snowless winter, or do you love a winter wonderland?


dogimo said...

I am coming home to Jersey for Christmas and there better be snow!

I love the convenience of winter. My lungs can taste those icy knives already.

Alexis said...

i love snow. just when the temperature is minus 20, that sucks balls.

Dorkmaster Flek said...

I used to say I'd take minus 20 degree temperature any day of the week over snow, but now that I don't have to take the bus anymore, I don't actually care that much. :) I still hate winter though. :P

Mary said...

I teeter on this one, I guess there are pros and cons. I do really love snow... I love playing and toboganning in it even though I'm 25. I also enjoy drunken walks home, walking on the road because it's usually plowed, but there's still enough snow covering it to hear the crunch with every step. I like how it reflects the light and makes even 3am bright. On the downside, I HATE when a snow storm means that everyone drives 10km/h. I hate trudging through a few feet of snow because shyte hasn't been shoveled or plowed yet. I also very much hate when it's snowy AND super cold and windy, although I think it's really the wind that makes it so unbearable.

So I have a snow question for Andrew. On my walk to the bus today, light snow/flurries covered the soil and grass however there wasn't a trace of it on sidewalks or roads. Why is this? Why does such a small amount of snow melt so instantly on concrete versus nature?... This could be a very simple answer however I got curious and knew Andrew would probably know. :)